Mission and Philosophy


Our mission at EconomyClassReview.com is to provide valuable flight reviews, product reviews, and strategies for booking and flying the best economy class products for the lowest out of pocket cost. We strive to balance cost with comfort by looking at all aspects of the flight itself. We review seat quality, personal space, food, service, and all other aspects of the journey in detail.

We will provide our readers with all the information they need to make an informed decision on which airline to fly to their travel destination. We will provide our actual cost numbers of each flight in our reviews. We also take advantage of long layovers to visit places for no additional cost.


When we travel we like to take our time to fully experience a new place whenever possible. We travel mostly in economy class to save money, miles, and to allow us to travel more often to more places. We do occasionally travel in business or first class and will share those experiences as well.

We know that the majority of travelers will be in economy class and want to help them get the best possible experience out of each journey. We will provide every detail that a traveler wants to know about flying on a specific airline or route. We will review as many different airlines and destinations as we can!