Volaris A320 economy class flight review MEX-CZM Y4 5576

Elite status: none

Aircraft type:



August 6, 2021

Distance: 793 miles

Seat: 2A (premium)


Padding is thin on these slimline seats. Even in premium area. 


Seats do not recline on this aircraft. 


I had almost 4 inches from my knee to the seat ahead of me. There were 17.5 inches between arm rests. The living space was 29 inches from seat back to the seat ahead. 


Depart: 5:23PM

Arrive: 7:33PM

Scheduled: 2h 10m

Push back: 6:34PM (1h 11m late)

Touch down: 8:30PM (57m late)

Arrived at gate 5m later

Actual duration: 2h 1m


Paid with: cash

Prices at time of booking:

Miles: n/a

Cash: $78.57 USD

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status. I booked this flight to make my own connection in Mexico City from my previous flight on Viva Aerobus. 


Boarding was done by rows from front to back. Since we were in row 2 we got on first. The gate area was small and chaotic but boarding was fairly orderly. 


Our flight was delayed over an hour due to a late incoming flight. This was not explained ahead just an email from Volaris apologizing for the delay. As soon as the inbound passengers deplaned we began boarding our flight. 

After takeoff the crew announced turbulence and a delay in service. 

Around 10 minutes later on board service began with food and drink for purchase. 

During the flight the captain announced the full reason for the delay which is always a goodwill gesture I want to see more often. 

Just before landing trash was collected. 

IFE and power:

No IFE nor power outlets were available on this flight. 


WiFi was not offered on this flight. 


All food items were for purchase on this flight. 

I did not purchase any food. 

On board menus pictured below for reference. 


All drinks were for purchase on this flight. 

I did not purchase any drinks. 

On board menus pictured below for reference. 

Best seats:

Bulkhead and exit row seats have the most room. Premium seats seem to have more space than normal seats. Otherwise any non-middle seat would be ideal. 


Cheap fares and good service make this airline a good way to take short trips in Mexico. 

The crew was friendly and helpful throughout the flight. 

Also this airline interior wasn’t covered in advertisements. 


Thin seats do make shorter flights feel longer. Little communication of the delay and it’s reasoning also not good. 

Would I fly again?

Yes! For the price and a direct flight I would fly Volaris again. Certainly a better option multiple hour overnight rough bus rides!

For a longer international flight I would need a significant discount to consider Volaris.