Viva Aerobus A320 economy class flight review MEX-PXM VB 1182

Elite status: none

Aircraft type:



August 3, 2021

Distance: 278 miles

Seat: 10C


Padding was thin but ok for a short flight. 


Seats did not recline in row 10 on this aircraft. 


I had 2 inches from my knee to the seat in front of me. There were 18 inches between arm rests. Total living space was 25 inches from seat back to seat ahead of me. 


Depart: 11:25AM

Arrive: 12:35PM

Scheduled: 1h 10m

Push back: 11:21AM (4m early)

Touch down: 12:23PM (12m early)

Arrived at gate 3m later

Actual duration: 1h 1m


Paid with: cash

Prices at time of booking:

Miles: n/a

Cash: $72.75 USD

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status. This was was the lowest cost option that met my schedule needs. 


Boarding was done by row noting this was during the COVID-19 pandemic. The gate area was small and chaotic. Typical for low cost airlines. 

We boarded by row numbers from back to front. Everyone was given hand sanitizer as they came on board. 

Once on board the crew did a good job of helping passengers to their seat and stow bags. 


Soon after takeoff the seatbelt sign was turned off. The crew began the food and drink service shortly after. 

Announcements were made about the paid food and drink service. Credit cards were accepted for payment. 

Trash was collected shortly before landing. 

Being a short 1-hour flight no further service was offered. 

IFE and power:

No power outlets nor IFE on offered this flight. 


No WiFi available on this flight. 


All food items were for purchase on this flight. 

I did not purchase any food. 

On board menus pictured below for reference. 


All drinks were for purchase on this flight. 

I did not purchase any drinks. 

On board menus pictured below for reference. 

Best seats:

Exit rows and front row bulkhead seats have the most room. VIP have a little more room as well. Otherwise they are all the same tight pitch. 


Cheap fares and good service make this airline a good way to take short trips in Mexico. 

The crew was friendly and helpful throughout the flight. 


Tight pitch and harder seats would be problematic for flights longer than two hours. 

Seat backs and overhead bin doors are plastered in advertisements. 

Food and drink items were expensive. 

Would I fly again?

Yes! For the price and a direct flight I would fly Viva Aerobus again. Certainly a better option multiple hour overnight rough bus rides!