American Airlines B737 Business Class flight review DFW-MEX AA 2417

Elite status: none

Aircraft type:



July 31, 2021

Distance: 935 miles

Seat: 2E (business class)


Padding in these newer seats was good but slightly on the thinner side. Comfortable but noticeable. 


Recline was 5 inches from upright to fully reclined in first class. 


Pitch was good! 6 inches from my knee to the seat in front.  Also a roomy 22.5 inches between arm rests. Total living space was 34 inches from seat back to seat ahead of me.


Depart: 6:40PM

Arrive: 9:17PM

Scheduled: 2h 37m

Push back: 6:58PM (18m late)

Touch down: 9:13PM (3m early)

Arrived at gate m later

Actual duration: h m


Paid with: miles / cash

Prices at time of booking:

Miles: 50,000

Cash: $450 (JAX-DFW-MEX)

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status. I chose cash over miles as I had a fixed schedule and it was a better deal over points. Also first class was only $100 more than economy class for the entire itinerary! 


Boarding started on time. We boarded in group 1 which is one of the first on board. The gate area was chaotic which is normal for most international departures. 

The crew did help passengers find seats and stow bags. They made no announcements which would have been helpful. 


Once onboard we were given large bottles of water after boarding was complete. A one liter bottle is the largest I have received on an airplane!

We were also given Mexico customs declaration cards. They were only in Spanish but luckily our Spanish was fluent enough to compete it before takeoff. 

The crew announced a flying time of 2h 7m with some storms along the way. 

Once in the air drink service began. Shortly after we were offered choice of two food options listed below. 

Throughout the flight the crew in business class was proactive in clearing finished items and offering refills on drink. Great service all around!

IFE and power:

There was no built in IFE. It is available via WiFi on board. In first class USB charging and a phone/tablet holder is built into the seat ahead. There were normal power outlets under the center arm rest between seats. 

There was also a pamphlet explaining the on board entertainment. 

The entertainment accessed via WiFi was extensive. Screenshots below only show a small sample of the offering. There is something for everyone!

Options included: TV, Movies, Lifestyle, and Kids. The Olympics were also available to stream live. Note that Sports & News and Apple Music were grayed out and not available. 

The streaming worked very well. The screen grab below blanked out the content but shows an example of the controls. All streaming is within the web browser on the mobile device. 


WiFi was offered on this flight. I did not pay for access. It was expensive!

Plans started at $12 for an hour and went up from there. At that price I would only use it in an urgent situation. 

Access to is offered for free. 


Complimentary snack options offered in all classes pictured in the menu below. 

In business class we were offered a turkey pastrami sandwich or vegetarian pimento cheese sandwich. I had the turkey pastrami and my companion had the pimento cheese. 

Along with the sandwich we got mixed fruit, veggies and hummus, and a cookie brownie dessert. We both agreed and the sandwiches were just OK. The fruit was fresh and good. The hummus was runny but tasted fine. The star of the show was the cookie brownie. I wish I had 3 of them!!

Everything was served in throw away containers to minimize contact due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Under normal conditions real plates and silverware are typically used in business class.


Complimentary drink options offered in all classes pictured in the menu above. 

In business class we had the full drink offering of complimentary options above plus beer, wine, champagne, and liquor. 

I had a Jack and Coke. My companion had water which was given during boarding. 

Everything was served in throw away containers to minimize contact due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Under normal conditions glassware is typically used in business class. 

Best seats:

In first class all seats are good! Extra leg room in row 1 bulkhead seats. 


First class is always better. Being only $100 more than economy made the choice easy for this trip. Comfortable seats and ample leg room for my 6’ 2” frame. 


Paying for first class you expect extras. No pre departure beverage was a small disappointment. Boarding was slower than normal and we departed late as a result. 

Would I fly again?

Yes! Business class is a good way to travel. Sometimes it can be cheaper than or the same price as economy class on close-in bookings!

The crew in business class on this flight did a great job keeping service flowing and friendly.