Frontier A320 NEO economy class flight review CVG-TPA F9 1761

This flight is part of my 3 part series reviewing Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit Airlines. To be fair I only purchased a fare and zero extras on all flights. Seat assignments were done by the system at check in. 

Since I was on a very short trip my personal item (free) held everything I needed. I only took what was offered free of charge. No on board purchases. 

Elite status: none

Aircraft type:

A320 NEO


July 17, 2021

Distance: 773 miles

Seat: 11C


Padding is thin. Only ok for shorter flights. 


Seats do not recline. 


Living space was 26 inches from seat back to the seat in front. Width was 17.5 inches between arm rests. I had 2 inches between my knee and the seat ahead of me. Tray table was tiny and not good for getting any work done.


Depart: 11:07AM

Arrive: 1:22PM

Scheduled: 2h 15m

Push back: 11:11AM (4m late)

Touch down: 1:04PM (18m early)

Arrived at gate 4m later

Actual duration: 1h 53m


Paid with: cash

Prices at time of booking:

Miles: n/a

Cash: $84.99 USD

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status. I also had an expiring credit from a cancelled flight to use. 


Boarding with Frontier is by zone. I was in Zone 4. There were a total of 5 zones. 

They started with passengers needing extra time. Followed by elite and Den members. Military and priority (zone 1) was called. Finally other zones were called in order. 

The boarding line was fairly orderly. The gate agent announced everyone would scan their own boarding passes to limit contact. 

Flight attendants did help passengers find their seats and stowing baggage. Boarding completed a little early. 


Flight crew seemed quite friendly. Captain announced 1h 46m flying time. Good weather in Tampa. 

After takeoff the crew started the paid food and drink service. Many passengers brought their own. Very few purchased anything on the flight. 

Flight crew came through a few times to collect trash. 

IFE and power:

No IFE and no power outlets on this aircraft. 


No WiFi available on this aircraft. 


Food was available for purchase. I did not buy any during this flight. Menu below for reference. 


Drinks were available for purchase. I did not buy any during this flight. Menu below for reference. 

Best seats:

Bulkhead and exit row seats have the most room. Stretch seats do recline and have more room. Otherwise any aisle or window seat will be the same. 


Cheap fare and direct route. Lucked out with an aisle seat near the front. 


Hard seats and everything comes with a fee. Can add up if you need a lot of the extras. 

Would I fly again?

Yes. If the flight was short and direct. Also the fare would need to be significantly less than other mainline carriers.