Silver Airways ATR 72-600 economy class flight review MSY-JAX 3M 96

Elite status: none

Aircraft type:

ATR 72-600

Seat: 7A


June 13, 2021

Distance: 514 miles


Padding was thin. Could certainly improve.  Too hard for the flight length. 


Recline was decent for a small aircraft at around 3 inches. 


Pitch was average when compared to most legacy USA airlines. Definitely adequate. 

Living space was 28 inches from seat back to seat front. There was 18.25 inches between arm rests. 

I had 3 inches from my knee to the seat in front of me. 


Depart: 1:45 PM

Arrive: 5:10 PM

Scheduled: 2h 25m

Push back: 2:59 PM (1h 14m late)

Touch down: 6:37 PM (1h 27m late)

Arrived at gate 5m later

Actual duration: 2h 38m


Paid with: cash

Prices at time of booking: $82.50

Miles: n/a

Cash: $82.50

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status. Silver Airways does not have a frequent flyer program. 

However, Silver Airways does partner with United Airlines and JetBlue where you can credit paid flights to earn points for each trip. 


Boarding is done by row number. The front rows board first since boarding is done via the rear door. I was in row 5 and in the first group called! Since the plane is small we boarded from the tarmac. It was orderly. 

Flight crew were very helpful with passengers’ bags and finding seats.


We departed over an hour late with no explanation nor announcement of any sort in the airport. No announcements made to what the delay was even in flight. 

Flight crew (2) were just ok. They seemed largely disinterested in their jobs. 

The passenger seated next to me had a little too much fun the night before and was ill in flight. The crew did help him with bass and water. 

IFE and power:

None on this aircraft. 


None on this aircraft. 


No food was offered in flight. Possibly due to pandemic measures still in effect. 


We were given small bottles of water halfway into the flight only once. Would like to have more considering the summer heat and small size (8 ounces) bottles. 

Best seats:

Row 1 and exit rows. 


No middle seats in a 2-2 configuration. Nonstop was convenient versus connecting options. 


No air conditioning until cabin door closes.  Even after the doors closed it was hot for another half hour in summer. Overhead bins are a bit small but expected on smaller aircraft. Seat a bit too hard. 

The complete lack of communication about our delay was unacceptable. 

Would I fly again?

Maybe. I would definitely fly Silver Airways again on shorter flights. 2.5 hours is a bit long for the hardness of the seat. I would fly this route again if significantly cheaper.