Booking Announcement: USA Low Cost Carrier Comparison Trip!

Today I have booked a trip to review 3 low cost carriers in the United States. I will be flying on: Allegiant Air, Spirit Airlines, and Frontier. I am going on a circle trip of sorts to allow me to fly them all in one weekend. I have never flown on any of these airlines before so the experiences will all be new to me!

This trip will only require me to have one overnight stay in a hotel. This trip serves no other purpose aside my nerdy wish to fly all of these airlines. One of the major factors in booking this trip was expiring credits from when I last attempted to fly them when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Trip Dates: July 16-17, 2021.

My booked flights are as follows:

JAX – CVG (Allegiant) – $73.00
CVG – TPA (Frontier) – $84.99
TPA – ATL (Spirit) – $51.82

A note on my prices above: I booked all of these fares online. I added zero extras so this represents the lowest possible price. Being such a short trip I am not bringing a full-sized carry on bag. A personal item sized bag will easily cover my quick overnight stay. I selected no seats (also a paid fee) to see what the seat lottery gives me.

Most people going on real trips will want to purchase some add-ons ahead of time such as baggage, seats, etc. They are much cheaper at the time of booking. I decided against any add-ons as I want to truly compare how each airline is in terms of both service and comfort for the price paid. All of my flights are relatively short by design. The schedule worked out so I can fly them back to back.

I am flying Delta Airlines (in basic economy) back to JAX at the end of this trip but will not review it again as I have done so already on this blog. If anything significant changes I will certainly post about it! I redeemed 7,500 Delta Skymiles to cut down on costs for this leg of the journey.

I am spending the night at a hotel near CVG (Cincinnati) airport using a cheap points room I found with free breakfast. I arrive close to midnight and depart 11AM the next morning. Everything cost-wise fell into place to make this trip possible!

This trip will also add to my nerdy statistics that I like to keep track of: 3 new airlines, 3 new routes, and 2 new airports. I love flying and aviation in general so this is actually fun for me! This has the added bonus of allowing me to post more reviews on this blog for others to benefit from on future trips.

I am excited to begin traveling again! I look forward to experiencing these airlines for myself and sharing them with everyone. I have low expectations based on reviews I have read and others who have flown with them in the past. I was not going to let the credits I had expire unused and am glad it worked out.