Booking Announcement: New Orleans, LA USA June 10-13, 2021 on Silver Airways

I have now booked what is likely my first flight of 2021! Silver Airways is starting a twice weekly nonstop service between Jacksonville, FL to New Orleans, LA in June 2021. While I will not be on the inaugural flight I will be going a week later.

I have never flown Silver Airways and am excited to try this lesser-known domestic US airline. They primarily operate within Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean islands. I am also looking at other routes they fly as they are convenient to some other places I want to visit from my home airport of JAX!

This new nonstop service to New Orleans is on their new ATR-72-600 aircraft. For those who do not know this is a larger version of the ATR-72 airframe. It has a 2-2 all economy class configuration. According to Google Flights the pitch is at a generous 32 inches which lines up with JetBlue.

I am excitied to try out a new airline, going to a city I love, on a new route, and of course my first trip since the COVID-19 pandemic began. For those curious I am now fully vaccinated and well past the 2 weeks from my second dose as of this posting.

One motivator for this trip was the very inexpensive introductory fares on the route. The cost is only $78.99 USD each way! I decided to pay the extra $4 each way to select my seats in advance. To compare other flights that were not direct were nearly double the price and required a connection en route.

I look forward to posting my full review of Silver Airways and this new aircraft/route!