Booking Announcement: Return from Bangkok September 2021 on Japan Air Lines

This booking pairs with our previous announcement of booking a one-way award ticket on United Airlines to Singapore.

I have now booked a return flight using American Airlines AAdvantage miles to get back home from southeast Asia. The flights worked for my schedule and were well timed for my needs.

I will be flying Japan Air Lines business class! I redeemed 70,000 AAdvantage miles plus around $60 USD in taxes. The routing on this ticket is BKK-HND-DFW-JAX (Bangkok, Thailand – Tokyo, Japan – Dallas, TX – Jacksonville, FL). I have a 4 hour layover in Tokyo and 3 hours in Dallas. This will give me time to visit and review lounges and relax between flights.

Japan Air Lines operates the first 2 long-haul flights and my final segment of the trip will be in American Airlines domestic first class. I am looking forward to this since I have never flown with Japan Air Lines and have heard many good things!

I chose Bangkok, Thailand as my return city since it has direct flights on low cost airlines to and from all over the region. I also enjoy visiting Thailand whenever I get the chance. No matter where I end up going on this trip this return ticket will work great for me.

I double checked the rules with AAdvantage award tickets and they are similar to United Airlines’. I can change, cancel, and refund this ticket with no fees should I need to change my flights or cancel due to the pandemic. I am still hopeful things will at least be partially opened up by September but am covered if not.

As it stands today I will have 2 weeks in southeast Asia. My long-haul needs are covered and now I can look into where to go. Most likely local laws and rules surrounding the pandemic will make most of the “where” decisions for me. I have some places in mind but will officially announce as other flights get booked within the region.