Booking Announcement: Singapore September 2021 on United Airlines (We hope!)

In our previous post we mentioned that we have been noticing some good deals in the airfare world and are booking speculative airfare when an opportunity comes up that excites us. We have now booked one!

United Airlines’ frequent flyer program, MileagePlus, has LOTS of availability in business class on their international flight routes through the end of schedule. This includes: Singapore, Europe, Australia, and many more.

We found availability in early September 2021 that worked for my schedule. As it stands today I have a one way award ticket booked in business class to Singapore on United Airlines. Since they offer fee-free changes and cancellation this made the decision easy!

In the case of United Airlines award tickets I had to only pay $5.60 USD in cash and 75,000 United MileagePlus miles one way. I already had the miles in my account. As long as I change or cancel at least 30 days in advance of departure I can change for free if needed.

I purposefully booked this ticket to fly on the relatively new San Francisco – Singapore nonstop flight that is scheduled to operate on a 787-900. The aircraft could certainly change, but that is ok with us since only a couple can fly that far. Clocking in at 17 hours 10 minutes I decided to go business class!

Singapore will likely only be 1 stop of a larger trip. I have been there several times and love stopping in for the food, culture, and great vibe of the city. Singapore is also a large hub for travel in the region with many low cost options to neighboring countries and beyond. My other destinations will be determined by which places are open at the time of travel. I hope to include Thailand and possible Brunei as well.

I have not yet booked a return ticket as I plan to see how situations change over the coming months. Nothing is certain in today’s world!

There is a chance this trip could be cancelled or changed based on the situation with COVID-19, vaccinations, and government restrictions on travel. That said it does feel nice to have something booked and to look forward to in the future. Worst case I get the miles and money back with no penalties. Fingers crossed for continued positive news in the coming months!