Delta Airlines B737-900ER economy class flight review JAX-ATL DL 1789

Elite status: none

Aircraft type:


Seat: 17B (middle seat)


Seat padding was better than most recent domestic USA flights I have been on. This may have been the case since this particular aircraft is built for longer flights. The padding would also be good for a cross-country flight too. 


Recline is 4 inches from upright. Adequate for both short and medium haul flights. 


The pitch as a little on the smaller side. I only had 2 inches between my knee and the seat in front of my. The living space was a smaller 27 inches from seat back to seat in front of me. The width between arm rests was 17.25 inches. 


December 8, 2019

Distance: 270 miles


Depart: 7:59PM

Arrive: 9:18PM

Scheduled: 1h 19m

Push back: 8:07PM (8 minutes late)

Touch down: 9:03PM (15 minutes early)

Arrived at gate 15m later

Actual duration: 0h 56m


Paid with: miles

Prices at time of booking:

Miles: 7,500

Cash: $150

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status. 


I arrived at the gate as boarding started. I was able to get on quickly and in an orderly fashion. Flight attendants were very helpful in stowing baggage and helping others find their seats. 

Boarding was completed a little late due to having to check passenger carry on bags. 


We took off late as a passenger was still in the lavatory. He was seated a few rows ahead of me and came back sweating. He look like an anxious flyer. The crew did a good job handling the situation. 

The crew executed the limited food and drink device quickly and served everyone onboard the full 737 in a short time. The did a good job!

IFE and power:

In seat touch screen IFE was available. Each seat had an USB port for charging. There were also 2 power outlets below the seats for use. 

The touch IFE worked well and included movies, TV shows, live TV, music, flight moving map, and games. This definitely would be desirable on longer flights. 

The IFE worked well for me during the flight but was broken for my seat mate. I decided to watch a show on my phone on this flight. 


WiFi was available on this flight. I did not purchase due to short duration. 

The price was $6 USD for the flight. 


Food options on my flight were Biscoff cookies or cheezit crackers. I had the crackers. 

Though Not offered on my short flight menu photos of food options are shown here for reference. 


Drink options on my flight were coffee or bottled water. I had a water. 

Though Not offered on my short flight menu photos of drink options are shown here for reference. 

Best seats:

Exit rows and bulkhead offer the most leg room. Otherwise comfort plus is preferable for a fee. For free any non-middle seat would be ideal on this aircraft. 


Delta is known for good onboard service and friendly crews. Today was no exception. They helped a passenger in need and provided good service in flight. 


Slightly smaller pitch is noticeable. Short flights always have limited service which is minor but noticeable. 

We arrived early and our gate was occupied so we had to wait for 15 minutes for it to open up. 

Would I fly again?

Yes! Delta generally has good onboard service, comfortable seats, and a reliable on time record above other domestic airlines. Convenience for my travel needs also helps. 

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