Delta Sky Club Lounge Review JAX Jacksonville International Airport Main Terminal

Access method: American Express Platinum Card

Date of Visit: December 8, 2019

Time of day: 6:00PM

Location: Near Gate A2


The club had lounge chairs and a small business area. The bar had no seating. 

Almost all seating had dedicated USB and normal power outlets available which are very handy. 


Food options included fruit, soup, veggies, hummus, crackers, olives, snack mixes, and salads. 

I had the chicken jambalaya soup and paprika boiled eggs which were both tasty. 


Beer, wine, and spirits are on offer. They off mid range spirits and a few draught beer options and basic wines. A self service Starbucks coffee machine is also available for standard coffee drinks. Hot tea and soft drinks were also available. 

I had a Jack and Coke. 


Free WiFi is available throughout the lounge. It worked well during my visit. 


The lounge has modern and well kept restrooms. Several stalls in each. 


No showers were available in this lounge


The JAX location of the Delta Sky Club network is small but good for the size of the airport. The staff are very friendly and helpful in the event of a flight delay. Some gate views from the limited windows.  On this visit the staff were great and attentive to all lounge guests.