American Airlines B737 economy class flight review ATL-ORD AA 2841

Elite status: none

Aircraft type:


Seat: 24B (middle seat)


Padding on the seat was a little on the hard side for a relatively new interior. 


Recline was 3 inches back from upright. The seat cushion also moved forward which gives less leg room. Not ideal. 


There were 28 inches of living space between seat back and seat ahead. A bit tight for my 6’ 2” frame but manageable. 


Oct 18 2019

Distance: 606 miles


Depart: 19:58

Arrive: 21:19

Scheduled: 2h 20m

Push back: 19:54

Touch down: 20:40 (39m early)

Arrived at gate 22m later

Actual duration: 1h 46m

Cost: $138.80

Paid with: cash

Prices at time of booking: 

Miles: 25,000 AA miles (round trip)

Cash: $277.60 (round trip)

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status. This was a business trip so cash was paid. It was a Basic Economy ticket. I had fixed date and time needs for the trip. This was the best option to meet those needs. 


Boarding started on time. I was able to stow my bags and get to my seat quickly. Flight attendants helped passengers find seats and stow bags in an orderly fashion. 

No announcement was made of our actual flight time. 


Safety briefing was quick and efficient. We pushed back early which was nice. 

Beverage took longer than I’m used to but it was a full 737. We all got served in an efficient manner. The crew did a good job overall throughout the flight. 

IFE and power:

In seat power was available as an outlet below the seats. No in seat screens. IFE was via the American app and WiFi for free in flight. 

Good selection of IFE options. Stream some live TV channels, episodes of shows, and movies from the app. Worked on the ground and in the air. 


WiFi was offered on board. Prices were $10 for a flight pass which is high for less than 2 hours of usage. 

I did not purchase the WiFi due to short duration and I didn’t need it. I watched a show on IFE to pass the time. 


Free snacks were pretzels or Biscoff cookies. Snack boxes available for purchase but overpriced. 

I had the pretzels. 


Soft drinks, juice, coffee, and tea were complimentary. Alcoholic drinks for purchase included beer, wine, and spirits. They are more expensive than other airlines. 

I had a ginger ale. 

Best seats:

Exit rows and Main Cabin Extra seats toward the front for a fee. 

Otherwise any non-middle is ideal as they are all the same except the row in front of the exit row and the last row. 


Newer interior, younger crew, and good service. Efficient in air service and overall a good flight. The crew was friendly. 


Smaller pitch, seat bottom moves with recline, and expensive alcoholic beverages for a USA carrier. I got stuck in a middle seat since the flight was full. It all worked out fine. 

Would I fly again?

Yes. American is known for delays but today went well. For the price I cannot complain much!