American Airlines (Republic Airways) E175 first class flight review LGA-ATL AA 4439

Elite status: none

Aircraft type:


Seat: 3A


Padding in the seat was good. It had good lumbar support and no hard spots. Great for a shorter flight. 


The seat back reclined 5 inches from the upright position. 


Pitch was very good between seats. I had 5 inches from my knee to the seat in front of me. The living space was 30 inches from seat back to the seat in front. 

The width between armrests was 20 inches and roomy. 


March 15, 2019

Distance: 762 miles


Depart: 6:08PM

Arrive: 8:47PM

Scheduled: 2h 39m

Push back: 6:33PM (25 minutes late)

Touch down: 9:34PM (57 minutes late)

Arrived at gate m later

Actual duration: h m


Paid with: miles 

Prices at time of booking:

Miles: 70,000 American AAdvantage miles (part of a one way BKK-ATL award ticket)

Cash: $300

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status. 


Boarding began a little late due to late incoming flight. I boarded first since I was flying in first class. 

Boarding went quickly and the crew did a good job getting bags put away and passengers to their seats. 

Jackets were taken for those who wanted them hung up in first class. 

No pre-departure beverage was offered. 


The crew did a manual safety demonstration since there are no screens on this aircraft. The audio was prerecorded. 

After safety announcements the flights attendant in first class took our meal and drink orders. We were addressed by name. 

Once in the air announcements were made thanking frequent flyer members and about the WiFi and economy drink options. 

Once the seatbelt sign was switched off the crew started meal and drink service. In first class we got out drinks first. 

Our meals were served shortly after with a drink refill if wanted. 

IFE and power:

No power outlets on this aircraft. 

IFE was offered via the onboard WiFi. Options via the WiFi included: a good selection of movies and TV shows (pictures below)

Some of the options require the American app on your phone or tablet. 


WiFi Service offered by Gogo. It was expensive at $10 for 1 hour or $14 for the flight (2 hours). Possibly worth it if critical work needs to be done. 

Other passes were also available (pictures below)


We were offered a meal in first class. The choices were turkey club or grilled chicken salad. Both options were cold since there are no ovens on board. 

Before the meal was served we were given a small bowl of a cashew/almond mix. 

I had the grilled chicken salad. It was quite good and the right amount of food for a light dinner. It came with a cheesecake slice for dessert which was also good. 


In first class choices are coffee, tea, juice, Pepsi products, beer, wine, and spirits. 

I had a gin and tonic. 

Best seats:

The “A” seats are great for solo travelers as they are both aisle and window. 

The other seats are good for companions. 


The single seats in first class are great for privacy and space. The meal was welcome since it was dinner time in flight. 


No pre-departure beverages. Only cold food options due to lack of ovens. 

Would I fly again?

Yes. Domestic first class is similar across all US airlines. It is a step up from economy class and offers better comfort especially for longer flights.