Cathay Pacific The Wing Business Class Lounge Review March 2019 HKG International Airport Terminal 1

Access Method: business class ticket on Cathay Pacific 

Location: next to Gate 2

Entrance was easy since I received an invitation card at checkin in Bangkok. It was promptly scanned and I was allowed in. I was told dining was upstairs. 

I decided to go into the main level to see what was on offer. The lower level has business seating with power outlets. There was a self service buffet with food, soft drinks, coffee, and lots of different beers to choose from. 

Another smaller area had wine, juice, and champagne. Also some fresh fruit next to it. 

Showers, restrooms, and reading materials were also on this level. Near the entrance was a row of iMac computers with printers available for use. 

Upstairs was a much larger area. At the top of the stairs you reach a service desk. To the right is the first class section of the lounge. The business class side is on the left. 

The main seating area has similar self service food options with drinks as the lower level. The main bar with spirits, wine, champagne, and seating overlooks the tarmac is near the main seating area. 

You have to go past the restrooms to get to the noodle bar and coffee bar. The noodle bar has a small made to order menu. Just past it is some dim sum and other Asian food that is self service. 

Restaurant style seating in front of the noodle bar. Plenty of condiments available for the noodle dishes. 

I had the Dan Dan Noodles which were very good. I added some chili oil and garlic which made it even better. Definitely recommend this dish at The Wing lounge!

Food Photos from around the lounge:

The coffee bar had a barista to make hot coffee drinks. Some desserts were also available here. Good seating area and more quiet than the other areas of the lounge. 

Drink photos from around the lounge:

The lounge was busy during my evening visit. The restrooms were very clean and modern. The showers were also well kept and modern. A good place to shower on a layover if needed. 

Overall the wing is a great lounge. The food and drink are very good and plentiful. Lots of attendants around cleaning and refilling items even during a busy time. The showers are nice before or after a long haul flights. Highly recommended!