Visiting a Delta SkyClub during the COVID-19 Pandemic at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Location: Gate A17

Access Method: American Express Platinum Card

Time of day: 1:30PM


Under normal conditions I review food, service, amenities, and other aspects of airport lounges.

Today I am traveling during the shelter-in-place time of the COVID-19 pandemic because I have to. I stay home as much as I can.

I was surprised to see that Delta still has open SkyClubs at all so this was great to get some work done while waiting on my mid afternoon flight.

I was scheduled to fly at night but with some many cancellations this became my only choice. The club had more people inside that I expected. I would say about 20-30 visitors on this Friday around lunch time. They definitely had fewer staff than normal and fewer food and drink options.


The bar was open. The premium bar items had been removed with only the free options left. I had some Jack Daniel’s and some water while I waited and worked before my flight.


The only food in the club was packaged snacks. Anything that involved open air or shared utensils had been removed. I had a couple packs of Cheez-its crackers as there would be no food nor drink service on board my flight.


The wifi was working well. Speeds were good and I was able to work remotely for some clients during my visit. Delta SkyClubs in the USA have always had good wifi and today was no exception.

Overall Experience:

Delta’s agents and staff were as good as normal. They seemed upbeat and happy to be at work. People were practicing proper social distancing in the club and were very mindful of each other. The staff were busy cleaning and sanitizing constantly. This is good to see as I imagine the turnover of people is fairly high.

It is a bit strange in being in a very empty world’s busiest airport and I imagine one of the busiest SkyClub Lounges in the system. It was a nice change from staying home all the time I will admit!