Cathay Pacific 777 Regional Business Class Flight Review BKK-HKG CX 614

Elite status: none

Aircraft type:


Seat: 16A

Angled seats with a 2-3-2 configuration. 

I had a window seat. 


Padding was very good and not too worn for an older aircraft. Good for reclining for a short nap. 


The recline on the seat was great for a short haul flight as the seats were angled lie-flat seats. More than adequate for the short duration of this flight!


The pitch was excellent for regional business class. I had 16 inches from my knee to the seat in front. The entire living space was 42 inches from seatback to the seat in front of me. The width was 20 inches between armrests. 


March 14, 2019

Distance: 1,049 miles


Depart: 1:05PM

Arrive: 4:55PM

Scheduled: 2h 50m

Push back: 1:09PM (4 minutes late)

Touch down: 4:36PM (19 minutes early)

Arrived at gate 3m later

Actual duration: 2h 38m


Paid with: miles 

Prices at time of booking:

Miles: 70,000 American AAdvantage miles (part of a one way BKK-ATL award ticket)

Cash: $500

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status. Flying from Asia to USA I wanted to go in business class. Miles were a far better option than a $5,000+ ticket. 


All boarding passes are scanned when entering the gate area. Cathay Pacific has a separate section for business and first class passengers which is a lot less chaotic than than the crammed economy class waiting area. 

As a business class passenger I was allowed to board first. Once on board I was shown to my seat and offered a pre-departure beverage. The choice were Thai tea, champagne, and water. 

I had a glass of champagne and a water. 

The crew did a good job getting everyone seated quickly. The took passengers’ jackets and put them in the closet for the flight. The crew was always very friendly and smiling during the busy boarding time. 

Just before boarding ended the crew gave us hot towels. Shortly after we pushed back and they did the safety demonstration on the way to the runway. 

There were no amenity kits nor pajamas given on this short flight. 


After the seatbelt sign switched off the crew came around the cabin handing out customs forms and menus for business class. 

They also made announcements for food and drink as well as duty free. 

The purser handed out the menus and addressed each passenger by name and thanking us for flying Cathay Pacific. 

Meal service promptly began. The crew first gave us a large tray with silverware, a glass of water, appetizer, and hot bread. 

The drink cart followed after with beverage service. 

The main entrees came out on a cart with drink refills. All choices were available. 

After the main meal service was cleared away ice cream, coffee, and tea was brought out.

IFE and power:

In business class there are touchscreens in the back of the seat in front. The screens were fairly large at 12 inches. The touch was very responsive. 

Entertainment options included movies, TV, music, moving map, games, a kids section, and an explore section. 

The headphones were large but not noise canceling. They were sufficient. Ads did play before each selection which is a bit annoying. 

Power outlets were between the seats and an USB port was next to the IFE screen for charging. 


Not offered on this flight. 

On Board Menu Photos:


In business class we had three choices (menu below) of prawns, chicken, or pork. 

I chose the stuffed chicken dish. It was decent but could use a little more flavor. The Thai salad was spicy and good. 

Dessert was served. I had a chocolate ice cream and a milk tea. 

Overall the food was good. 


In business class we had a choice of juices, coffee, tea, water, Coke products, champagne, wine, and spirits. 

I had a Coke and water with my meal. 

After the meal I had a Hong Kong style milk tea which is a favorite of mine. 

Best seats:

Any window or aisle seat. Avoid the middle seat in the center 3-wide section. 


Excellent service on board and a comfortable seat for an 3 hour journey. Good food and drink selection for a regional flight. 


No personal air vents. Was too warm on the ground. Angled seats are not ideal for longer flights if sleep is needed. The cabin temperature was a little too warm for the entire flight. 

Would I fly again?

Yes! Cathay Pacific always has given me great service on board. Short hop to Hong Kong is smooth and connections there are easy. The seat is comfortable for a shorter flight where sleep is not needed.