Cathay Pacific First and Business Class Lounge Review March 2019 BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport International Terminal

Access Method: business class ticket on Cathay Pacific 

Location: entrance from below beginning of F gates (escalator down from gates)

The Cathay Pacific Lounge at the BKK airport has been remodeled since my last visit. They made some significant improvements!

The lounge itself is long and narrow with tarmac views. Good for plane spotting and people watching while waiting for your flight. 

Being long it is spread out into 3 main sections. To the far left is the noodle bar with dim sum and made to order noodle dishes. It has a dining area with booths and long tables. 

Near the middle is an island with stool seating and salad bar and other snacks and soft drinks. It has power outlets for charging too. 

On the far right is the bar with bartender service.  Here you will also find your typical lounge seating and a small business center with iMac computers and comfortable seating.  The power outlets in the seating area are slightly hidden in the end tables. They need to be pulled out to use them. 

Drinks on offer include coke products, juice, high end coffee and tea, beer, wine, high end spirits, and 3 types of Chandon champagne. Still and sparkling water is also available in all areas. 

Food offering included the noodle bar (menu below), salad and snack bar, cookies, and other snacks. The noodle bar also has a vegetarian menu. 

I tried some dim sum and had a bbq pork bun and pork sui mai. Both tasted fresh and flavorful. I was still a little hungry and also tried the wonton soup. It was quite good with some chili added to it. 

I also had a glass of Chandon Brut to celebrate the end of my trip to Asia. 

The restrooms were very clean when I used them. They are modern, western, and well appointed. 

There are no showers in this lounge. 

The Cathay Pacific Lounge has very good food and drink options and has greatly improved over my last visit. The seating is comfortable and the service is good. The made to order food and nice bar are the highlight of this lounge.