Oman Air Lounge Review March 2019 BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport International Terminal

Access method: Priority Pass (paid access also available)

Location: entrance from below beginning of E gates (escalator down from gates)

A relatively small lounge that isn’t busy but the quality is good!

The Oman Air Lounge in Bangkok BKK airport is known as the best priority pass lounge in the airport with good reason. The food quality is high, high end alcohol selection, excellent staff, and fast free WiFi. 

I visited during breakfast hours. All of the food was well made, warm, and tasted great. As I was departing Asia I decided to go with the chicken green curry which was very good. 

Food options were a papaya soup, chicken sausage, onion quiche, fried eggs, chicken green curry, and white rice. Lots of other small snacks and plates available have a great variety. All items are halal. 

The drink selection in the Oman Air Lounge is extensive. Coke products, high end coffee and tea, beer, wine, high end spirits, and even 2 types of Chandon champagne. 

All food and drink is self service. Attendants did a great job of keeping the areas cleans and items refilled. They also quickly took away any dishes and items left behind. 

A small business area with a meeting table, a printer, and 2 iMac computers are available for use. Power outlets were around the walls of the lounge though not at every seat. 

Showers are available. There was a dedicated bathroom attendant who cleaned after each use. The restroom was spotless when I used it. 

They offer a complimentary selection of newspapers and magazines in many languages as well. 

Overall I agree this is the best Priority Pass Lounge in BKK Airport. I have visited a few times and definitely will come back! It is worth the cash entrance price if you have a long wait as the food and drink quality is high.