Bangkok Airways A319 economy class flight review USM-BKK PG 146

Elite status: none

Aircraft type:


Seat: 14D


Padding on the seat was good but a little on the hard side. The interior appeared to be somewhat worn. 


Recline was adequate at 5 inches from upright to fully reclined. Definitely fine for an 1 hour flight. 


Pitch was very good. I had 4 inches from my knee to the seat in front. Living space was 28 inches from seat back to the seat in front. Width was generous at 18 inches between arm rests. 


March 13, 2019

Distance: 288 miles


Depart: 3:40PM

Arrive: 4:55PM

Scheduled: 1h 15m

Push back: 3:35PM (5 minutes early)

Touch down: 4:43PM (12 minutes early)

Arrived at gate 6m later

Actual duration: 1h 14m


Paid with: miles

Prices at time of booking:

Miles: x Chase Ultimate Rewards

Cash: $1xx

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status. I used Chase Ultimate Rewards at 1.5 cents per mile to book this flight a few days in advance. It was the best deal I could find for the route. 


Boarding began on time. At USM airport passengers board from remote stands. Instead of buses they use open air large tuk-tuks to take you to the gate. 

I boarded first with zone 2 which is the back half of the aircraft. Once on board I was quickly shown my seat. There was plenty of space for my carryon bag. 

The flight was completely full and boarding was completed early. The crew did a good job expediting the process. 


Flight attendants were proactive in helping passengers find seats and stow bags. They were moving around constantly to be sure the flow went quickly. 

Safety announcements were made as pushback started. Once above 10,000 feet the crew began drink and food service. Special meals were given out first to passengers who preordered them. 

The normal meals and drinks were served from a single cart. Service was very fast since there were no hot items. Everyone got the same tray. It was completed in under 15 minutes. 

Shortly after meal service completed the crew began collecting trays and garbage. I always appreciate quick turn around on meal service so I can do other things in flight. 

IFE and power:

Not offered on this flight. 


Not offered on this flight. 


We were given a tray with a pumpkin danish, fruit, and a bottled water. 

The fruit was very good and fresh. The danish was also tasty and not too sweet. Sufficient snack for a short flight. 


Drink options aside from the bottled water given with the meal were coffee, tea, or orange juice. 

I had the orange juice. 

Best seats:

Exit row


Any other non-middle seat


The fastest and most direct way to get from Ko Samui to other parts of Thailand. Good service at airport and on board. One free checked bag up to 20kg. 


Flight is expensive for Thailand domestic. Bangkok Air owns the airport and has a monopoly on domestic routes to/from Ko Samui. The seat was a little harder than I like also. 

Would I fly again?

Yes! Flying versus burning an entire day in transit was worth it. Service has been great for all of my Bangkok Airways flights.