Lotus Lounge CMB Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport Review

Lotus Lounge is a small priority pass lounge located near gates 6/7 at Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport. 

It offers complimentary food, drink, free WiFi, comfortable seating and all is self service. 

The staff were busy cleaning and refilling food and drink items constantly. They were attentive when a finished plate or cup appeared on a table it was cleared quickly. 

The drink options included coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, spirits, and wine. A decent selection overall and the soft drinks were cold. Cold drinks are not common in Sri Lanka! 

The food was a diverse mix of local and Asian options. It wasn’t very warm when I had some but the quality was decent and worked for me as a lunch before my afternoon flight. 

The lounge does have a shower room even though it is not mentioned in the priority pass app description. It is a tiny room and looked dated. I would only use it if desperate. 

The restrooms were kept clean during my visit to the lounge. They were modern and western style. 

Power outlets were available in the seating areas but you do need an adapter if your electronics are not local. 

A small business center was there but all of the computers and printer were switched off during my visit. 

Overall the lounge was average but perfectly fine for food and drink before a flight. It is certainly better and quieter than $15 USD Burger King available in the terminal.