Air China Beijing Capital Airport PEK business class lounge review

Access Method: Business Class Ticket

Date of Visit: January 16, 2019

Time of Day: 5:30-7:30AM on a Wednesday. 

Location: Near E gates up the escalators.

My boarding pass for Hong Kong was scanned and I got right in. No lounge passes are needed for Air China customers in business or first class. 

It was quiet and not busy. Lots of self serve food and beverage options all around the lounge with various seating. 

The airport was very quiet and few passengers around. 


Lounge had lots of seating surrounding all the food and drink options that occupied the center of the lounge. It is an open air design where you can see the terminal and other passengers below.

Food and Drink:

They had a mix of western and Chinese food options that all looked decent. I decided to have a beer first then some dim sum and fruit with coffee. 

Lots of attendants around restocking food and drink and constantly cleaning. The lounge is very well kept. It did not appear to have showers. 

I found the food to be decent and drink selection adequate. Coke products, juice, tea, coffee, beer, and liquors all available. I also saw a little bit of red wine too. 


WiFi is free in the lounge but you have to use an annoying printed code system with time limits. I just used my Google Fi service which worked very well on my phone for my short layover.  


Modern Restrooms with western style toilets. The restrooms have full time attendants who keep them spotless too. There were no dividers between the men’s urinals which is a bit awkward.  


Modern showers were available in the lounge but appear very small. I did not use the shower facilities.


Overall the lounge was perfectly fine for an 2-hour layover. The food options in the terminal looked expensive for what you get on the few prices I saw. 

This lounge is sufficient for a layover but not good enough to justify a long visit. Everything was average in quality.