Yangon Airways economy class flight review NYU-RGN YH 741

Elite status: none

Aircraft type:


Seat: 4B


Padding was a bit hard and very worn. You can definitely feel the harder parts of the seat. 


The seats reclined about 2 inches from the upright position. Did not help much with the tight pitch. 


Pitch is very tight on this aircraft. I had less than one inch between me and the seat in front of me. The width between armrests was 17.5 inches. The living space between seats was a small 25 inches between the seatback and the seat in front. 


February 15, 2019

Distance: 304 miles


Depart: 5:55PM

Arrive: 7:15PM

Scheduled: 1h 20m

Push back: 6:00PM (5 minutes late)

Touch down: 7:14PM (1 minute early)

Arrived at gate 3m later

Actual duration: 1h 17m


Paid with: cash

Prices at time of booking:

Miles: n/a

Cash: $110

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status. Domestic Myanmar flights can only be booked with cash and cash equivalents. They are not part of any alliance. 


Boarding went quickly with no assigned seats. Flight attendants were quick to help passengers stow bags and locate empty seats. We were also given a refreshing towel as we boarded. 


Food and beverage was served from a cart which I did not see on previous flights. Service begin from the aircraft rear where the galley is located. 

We were given snack boxes and drinks at the same time. Water was offered separately after the cart service. 

Service was fast and all passengers were served in under 10 minutes. 

We were offered local candy from a basket shortly before landing. 

Observation: the pilots were served food and drink before the passengers. 

IFE and power:

None offered on this flight. 


None offered on this flight. 


We were given a snack box with a sweet bread and pound cake inside. Both were fresh and good!

A little later in the flight we were offered some local “milk shake candy” from a basket. I grabbed a strawberry and pineapple to try. 

The flavor of the candy was also good!


We had a choice of: coffee, hot tea, Pepsi, Orange Miranda, or 7-up. Water was also offered later.

I had a Pepsi. 

Best seats:

Front exit row is best with more room. 

All other seats are the same with right pitch. 

2-2 layout means no middle seats. 


Far faster and more comfortable than other transport options for the route. Even booking 1 day ahead the prices are the same. Service is good and fast. 


Very limited schedule with only afternoon flights. Very limited route network. Checked baggage allowance is 20kg which isn’t much considering you have to check most bags on the small aircraft. The pitch was especially bad for a 1+ hour flight but still tolerable. 

Would I fly again?

Yes! This is by far the best way to get around Myanmar as local trains and buses can be old, rough, and quite long slow journeys. Prices are very reasonable even last minute. 

If a competing airline had a similar schedule I would choose them over Yangon Airlines for the larger leg room. Otherwise everything else is equal.