Plaza Premium Lounge review HKG Hong Kong Airport Gate 40

Access Method: Priority Pass

Date of Visit: January 18, 2019

I visited the lounge during breakfast around 9AM. 

Free coffee, tea, Pepsi products, and water. 

Only beer is complimentary. All other alcoholic drinks are paid unless access is part of an airline ticket and not priority pass. 

Complimentary beers included: Stout (in a can), Carlsberg draft, and Asahi draft. 

They have a Carlsberg beer dispenser that fills the glass from the bottom. Fun to use!

Good food options for breakfast both western and Chinese. Dim sum, fish, Chinese noodles, eggs, sausage, and beans. The lounge had a “pancake printer” automatic machine that made fresh pancakes.

Noodle bar for fish ball soup made to order by the staff. It was very busy! 

The bar area has tables and decent tarmac views for some plane spotting. A great place to relax before your flight. 

The staff was very friendly and always cleaning. I never had an empty dish near me for long. Food was refilled quickly once it got low. 

The manager was roaming the lounge and helpful. She made great suggestions of what to try. Very friendly and welcomed all the guests (over 100!)

This is one of the nicer Plaza Premium lounges I have visited. I would definitely spend my layovers here and use the lounge for meals before a low cost carrier flight. 

This trip I was flying Scoot to Singapore. It was nice to get free food and drink before the flight to save costs on board as meals weren’t included in the ticket without extra payment.