JetBlue A320 Economy Class Flight Review B6 720 ATL-JFK

Elite status: none

Aircraft: A320

Seat: 7C

Padding: Soft and good. Did not feel the rigid parts of the seat. Seats are older and worn. Perfectly fine and better padding than the newer seats today. 

Tray table was broken slightly and loose. It leaned down towards me so I had to be careful with my drink. Very minor issue. 

Recline: 4” back from upright position. 

Living Space: 30” from seat back to seat pocket.  4” from seat in front of my knee

Width: 17.3” between arm rests. 


December 14, 2018

Distance: 760 miles


Depart: 6:19PM
Arrive: 8:32PM

Scheduled: 2h 13m

Push back: 6:30PM
Touch down: 8:55PM

Arrived at gate 7m later

Actual duration: 2h 25m

Captain announced we were delayed a bit by air traffic control before landing. We had to circle a few times over the New York area.  


Paid with: JetBlue TrueBlue Points

Prices at time of booking:

Miles: 7,290 Jetblue TrueBlue Points + $5.60

Cash: $105.20

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status and have and abundance of JetBlue TrueBlue points available. JetBlue TrueBlue points are worth around 1.4 cents each.


Began 12 minutes late. Was fast and done by group. I had group E (almost last). Efficient and steady. Too many carry on bags were an issue at the end of boarding. 

I got an email at the gate about a 2 minute delay! Impressive as most airlines won’t even bother. 


Boarding was slightly chaotic with too many bags. Group E (my group) had almost no overhead bin space left. They quickly took away the bags that needed to be checked. Safety announcements fast and clear. 

Crew was friendly throughout the flight. 

There was a push for credit cards signups with a very low 20,000 point bonus. 

IFE and power:

Screen is 7”. No power available. No touch interface. Have to use channel buttons in arm rest to change to same fixed content across multiple channels. No headphones offered.


FREE on JetBlue! WiFi sort of worked gate to gat me. Suspect weather was an issue.  Speeds were slow but we also had bad weather most of the way. It was usable for messaging apps, email, social media, and some web surfing. 


Terra chips, popcorn chips, Cheez-its, and pretzels were announced and offered. I chose Cheez-its and popcorn chips as those are a favorite. They are served out of a basket. You simply grab what you want. As many as you like! Much better than most other free offerings domestically. 

Onboard menu showed paid items but were not offered due to short flight duration. 

Flight attendants served sections of rows to make the service quicker. 


No hot drinks on my flight due to turbulence. Coke products, juices, coffee, and tea were on the menu. All served from a small drink cart. Flight attendants served sections of rows to make the service quicker. 

I had a coke. I was given the whole can! This is nice as it makes a faster service and you get more. 

Alcohol available for purchase. 

Mosaic elite members get free alcoholic drinks. 

Best seats:

Exit row is best.

“Even more space” section in front.

Any other seat is still good. Pitch is already most generous in USA. With my 6’ 2” (188cm) frame I had ample extra space. 

I was very lucky again with an empty middle seat on a full flight. 

Would I fly again?

Yes! As a tall person legroom is very important. JetBlue has the most legroom of any US-based carrier. Service is good and prompt. 

Pros: Free WiFi and generous pitch even in the free seats. High-end free snacks and entire can of all drinks is nice. 

Cons: Dated aircraft interiors and limited IFE. IFE screens are small. No power. No headphones. Interiors are due to be updated by JetBlue over the next 2 years.