American Airlines E190 Economy Class Flight Review AA 2043 LGA-ATL

Elite status: none

Aircraft: E190

Seat: 17D

Living space was 28 inches from the seatback pocket to the back rest. Width was 18.25 inches between arm rests.

Padding: Adequate. Did not feel any hard spots. 

Recline: Somewhat limited but ok for short haul. 3 inches back form the upright position.

Pitch: About 2 inches of space between my knee and seat in front of me. Foot room very good with no bars nor obstructions between seats underneath. Adequate for my 6’2″ (188cm) frame.

December 17, 2018

Distance: 762 miles


Depart: 21:25
Arrive: 23:56

Scheduled: 2h 31m

Push back: 22:00
Touch down: 00:15

Arrived at gate 7m later

Actual duration: 2h 15m

Special note: Due to LGA only using a single runway with strong winds we waited 30 minutes in line to take off. 


Paid with: Iberia Avios

Prices at time of booking:

Miles: 8500 Iberia Avios + €9

Cash: $149

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase status and cash is king! The Iberia Avios were from a promotion and expiring soon.


We were delayed due to inbound aircraft being late. Gate agent announced this was air traffic control (common at LGA and NYC area in general). She did a good job keeping us informed of the delays. I scanned my boarding pass at 21:37. Groups were called quickly to keep lines going. Boarding was complete 11 minutes later at 21:48. 


Captain announced the strong winds and air traffic control delayed LGA all day. LGA was down to a single runway for us. He announced 1h 45m in the air for our flight. He also said it would be a bumpy takeoff due to the winds in the area. 

Drink and snack service was delayed due to turbulence. It was quick and efficient. Everyone got served quickly. Even with a dark cabin to allow passengers to sleep since it was a late night flight. 

IFE and power:

No in seat IFE. No in seat power. Some TV and movie options via WiFi which wasn’t working well. You do need the American app for some of the over WiFi IFE options. 


WiFi available. Was turned on above 10,000 feet. I was able to get to load for free. I had trouble getting the Gogo page to load. After a few resets and persistent trying I got it to load. 


Onboard menu in seats. We were only offered free snack options which were pretzels or Biscoff cookies. 

I had the Biscoff Cookies. 


Full drink menu available. Coke products, coffee, tea, and juices available for free.

Alcohol was available for purchase. 

I had a gin and tonic for $9. I was given Bombay sapphire gin and Canada Dry Tonic to mix myself. It was good!

Best seats:

Exit rows are best.

Seats closer to front are good for quick deplaning. All seats are comfortable in the 2-2 layout. No middle seats!

Would I fly again?

Yes! The E175 and E190 aircraft are my favorite short haul planes. They have no middle seats and small passenger loads mean you board and deplane quickly. 

Pros: No middle seats. Good living space with no bars restricting foot placement. Small passenger load means quicker and better inflight service. Seats wider than normal economy seats today. 

Cons: No power nor built in IFE. This is ok for a short flight. Would like at least power OR gate to gate IFE for a 2+ hour gate to gate flight though.