Delta A320 Economy Class Flight Review DL 1970 ATL-MSY

Airline Elite Status: none

Aircraft: A321-200

Newer aircraft and seats with new interior.

Seat: 29F

Padding was mediocre and recline minimal. It would not be very comfortable for a long duration.

Pitch good for me. 1 inch to spare between knees and seat in front of me (I am 6″2″ or 188cm).

Route Flown: ATL-MSY

Flight Date: November 30, 2018
Distance: 425 miles


Depart 7:30AM
Arrive 8:04AM

Push back: on time
Arrival: 14 minutes early (7:50AM).

Actual duration: 1h 20m push back to touch down. Arrived at gate 3 minutes later. 


Paid with: Delta Skymiles

Prices at time of booking:
Miles: 7,500 Skymiles + $5.60
Cash: $90

Payment method reasoning: I don’t chase airline status. I already had enough Delta Skymiles in my account to cover this flight. I opted to save cash for other things!


I was in zone 2. Among first to board in my section of aircraft. 

Fairly quick for a full flight. Only a handful of bags checked during boarding. Boarding was efficient and without problems.


Good quick drink and snack service using carts. 

Average overall service (short duration). Only time for drink service and cleanup by the crew. No issues at all.

IFE and power:

In seat USB and plug power. Touch IFE was in every seat.

IFE worked gate to gate. Fast response and wide selection of options. Good screen quality when in use.

USB power at very seat below the screen.
(2) AC outlets per row below and between the seats.

Headphones not available from crew.


Free messaging was offered and it worked well! I was able to use Apple iMessage and Whatsapp for texting with no problems in flight.

Paid options were also available for full internet access.


Free: Bisocff cookies or pretzel mix. I had the pretzel mix.
Paid: No paid food available. Short flights do not offer the paid menu. 

Onboard menu for reference:


Free options: Coke products, coffee, tea, and juices.
Paid Options: full alcohol menu.

I had a Coke as my beverage. 

Best seats:

Exit row $39
Comfort plus (premium economy) $19
My seat was free and acceptable for a short flight.

Any free aisle or window seat will suffice for this aircraft.

Would I fly again?

Yes. This route would depend more on price and schedule because of short duration. Comfort isn’t as much of a concern.

Pros: Efficient service, Power outlets, and Good free IFE options. Relatively quiet inside the aircraft in flight. 

Cons: WiFi is pricey for a short flight. Recline is limited. Seats could be softer but still ok for short durations.